When Tree Removal Is The Only Option

Out front stands a sycamore tree. While it has been standing for decades, and tree removal is the only option. I am visiting family over the holidays, and this tree is at my mom’s house. It is a hazard, and I keep telling her it needs to be taken down. She just had one taken down a couple of years ago, and it’s not cheap. So what do you do when it’s the only choice you have?

You can wait for sure, but you might not want to wait too long. Trees that need to be taken out can be dangerous for many reasons like weaknesses and dry branches. If you live right off a street like my mom does, a tree that needs to be removed can fall into the road and even into other people’s yards. They can fall on to power lines, houses, cars and in cases of freak accidents, on people. It is starting to make more sense to remove the tree, isn’t it?

You might want to wait, but you might need to take action. You might think you can take a chainsaw and remove only parts of the tree. That can work at times to eliminate certain hazards, but it’s just going to make a tree look even worse. Now, why does the tree need to be removed in the first place? You certainly want to be sure that tree removal is the only option.

In the case of the sycamore tree in the front yard, it is pretty much dead. There is some growth and new leaves coming out of the top in shoots, but the entire tree is mostly barren and one giant 30-40 foot tall trunk. One branch is actually broken and leaning inward towards the trunk. Any strong winds could come along and send it flying.

You want to be sure that you get to matters like this. But let’s say that the tree you have isn’t dead. Let’s say that it’s a tree that is just too close to the house. Maybe it’s brands are hanging over the roof. “It could be that you are just worried about how big the tree is going to get. If that’s the case, then you have to think carefully about all of your options.” said Dan Robertson, an arborist and owner of a tree company I spoke with last week. You can also check out his website for more important industry information and look through the services they offer.

Remember, tree removal can be expensive. If it needs to be done, it needs to be done, and the professionals can do it for you quite easily. They can also help you explore other options though, and that means you might want to contact them before you even make a decision.

If you have to remove the tree, you have options when it comes to stump removal, too. Stump grinding is the popular choice, and it will also most likely be a separate charge. Make the wise choice here, eliminate any hazards and keep your landscape looking nice. Safety is the first priority here. Not only does that mean choosing to remove a tree if it’s time, but you don’t want to try and do something like that by yourself.